Road Accident Claims

Road Accident Claims - Andrew Needham Lawyers - Sunshine Coast

If you have suffered injury in a motor vehicle accident and that accident was caused wholly, or partly, by someone else then you may be able to make a Compulsory Third Party (CTP) claim for compensation.

All registered vehicles in Queensland are required to hold CTP insurance for when someone is injured in a road accident.  These CTP insurers are usually Suncorp, Allianz, RACQ and QBE.

Andrew has represented drivers, passengers, motorbike riders, cyclists and pedestrians in all types of road accident claims.  Injuries can include any type of fracture, soft tissue muscular injury, spinal injury, head injury, whiplash, lacerations and psychological injury such as anxiety, depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

You are entitled to claim compensation for your income loss, medical expenses and your pain and suffering.

Andrew can help guide you and personally support you through the CTP claim process.

Andrew will help organise your access to paid rehabilitation to aid your recovery.  Andrew can also organise the reimbursement of any medical expenses you have already incurred since the accident.

If you are having trouble working out who was "at fault" for the accident then we can assess the accident for you.

If you are self-represented and the insurer has made you an offer then we can assess whether the offer is adequate or not.

If for any reason you are having trouble filling out the Notice of Accident Claim Form (NOAC) and/or getting your CTP claim accepted then Andrew is happy to help you.

Strict time limits apply so do not wait to obtain legal advice about your entitlements.

We offer FREE telephone advice and a 1-Hour FREE face-to-face consultation to discuss your circumstances and provide you with advice on whether you have a CTP claim or not. And if so, what compensation you could expect to receive.

Our "No Win No Fee" policy applies to all road accident claims.  This means you are not required to pay us anything unless and until we are successful in obtaining compensation for you.

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